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    Utility Pedals
  • The Nano Tuner by Rock Stock, renowned as the smallest guitar tuner ever. Despite its compact size, it offers a bright, easy-to-read display, making it an indispensable tool for musicians seeking precise tuning even on a dimly lit stage or studio

    Nano Tuner

  • The Bright Switch™ USB Light & Charger

  • Dual Switch

  • Tap Tempo

  • Accesories
  • Flat Patch Cables

  • Solderless Pedalboard Patch Cable Kit

  • USB LED Lamp

  • "TRS Flat Patch Cable with gold-plated connectors and right-angle design, compatible with Dual Switch, HX Stomp, expression pedals

    TRS Stereo Flat Patch Cable

  • TRS Stereo Flat Patch Cable

    Optimize your pedalboard with Rock Stock's TRS Stereo Guitar Patch Cables, perfect for any expression foot pedal or TRS/Stereo connections. These ultra-thin, low-profile cables with 90-degree right-angle C-Shape plugs save valuable space on your board, while the gold-plated connectors and braided shielding drastically reduce noise, hiss, and hum. Available in various lengths, they offer flexibility for connecting pedals farther apart, ensuring your pedalboard remains organized.
    • MAXIMIZE PEDALBOARD SPACE: Ultra-Thin, Low-Profile Design with 1/4" Stereo TRS Connectors optimizes real estate on your pedal board while maintaining superior sound quality. The compact design of Rock Stock Flat Patch Cables is ideal for connecting auxiliary controller pedals, multieffect processors, and expression pedals, helping you keep everything organized and maximizing every inch of your pedalboard.
    • ELIMINATE NOISE AND INTERFERENCE: Gold-Plated Connectors and Braided Shielding drastically reduce noise, hiss, and hum, ensuring clean, clear tone for your guitar effects, expression, and controllers. The braided shielding provides an extra layer of protection against interference from other electronic devices, maintaining the signal integrity from start to finish, while the gold plated connectors resist corrosion caused by humidity. Enjoy noise-free performance with Rock Stock Flat Patch TRS Cables.
    • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: Perfect for connecting multieffect processors like HX Stomp, expression pedals, or any devices requiring a 1/4" stereo TRS connection. Rock Stock Flat TRS Patch Cables work with a wide range of devices and setups, making them a versatile addition to your gear. They also pair perfectly with our own hand-wired auxiliary momentary Dual Switch pedals. Whether connecting expression pedals, processors, or controllers, these insanely slim cables ensure a reliable connection every time. Make every note count and amplify your sound with Rock Stock.
    • TAILOR YOUR SETUP: Available in various lengths, and featuring a 90-degree right-angle C-Shape plug orientation, these low profile TRS patch cables are ideal for any configuration and long enough to connect pedals at opposite corners or sides of your pedalboard. Whether you're connecting auxiliary controller pedals, multi effect processors, or expression pedals, the variety in length ensures you can optimize your pedalboard and keep everything tidy for a clean signal AND a clean aesthetic. 

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