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    Utility Pedals
  • The Nano Tuner by Rock Stock, renowned as the smallest guitar tuner ever. Despite its compact size, it offers a bright, easy-to-read display, making it an indispensable tool for musicians seeking precise tuning even on a dimly lit stage or studio

    Nano Tuner

  • The Bright Switch™ USB Light & Charger

  • Dual Switch

  • Tap Tempo

  • Accesories
  • Flat Patch Cables

  • Solderless Pedalboard Patch Cable Kit

  • USB LED Lamp

  • "TRS Flat Patch Cable with gold-plated connectors and right-angle design, compatible with Dual Switch, HX Stomp, expression pedals

    TRS Stereo Flat Patch Cable

  • Bright Switch Manual

    The Rock Stock Pedals Bright Switch is a compact pedal designed to provide illumination and power management for pedalboards in dark stage environments. This user manual will provide you with a brief overview of the Bright Switch's features and instructions for use.


    • Small footprint for easy integration into pedalboards.
    • 2 x USB Connections: One switched and one always on for powering and illuminating pedals or accessories.
    • Indicator LED: Indicates the status of the switched USB connection.
    • Converts 9-24VDC to 5V USB power.
    • Includes Rock Stock 17" USB LED Light for additional illumination.
    • 9V 2A power supply included for high current devices.
    • Supports charging up to 2.1A @ 5V when using the included power adapter or high current lead from another power supply.


    • Switched USB Connection: Connect the included USB lamp or other compatible accessories for illumination.
    • Always On USB Connection: Connect accessories that you want to provide continuous power to, or use it to charge compatible devices such as mobile phones.

    Operating Instructions:

    1. Connect the Bright Switch to a power supply using the included 9V 2A power supply or a compatible power supply.
    2. Connect the included USB lamp or other compatible accessories for illumination to the switched USB connection.
    3. Connect pedals or accessories that require continuous power or use it to charge compatible devices to the always on USB connection.
    4. Ensure all connected devices are securely positioned on your pedalboard.
    5. Use the Bright Switch to provide power and illumination to your pedalboard, enhancing visibility on dark stages.

    Note: The Bright Switch is not an audio effect pedal and does not alter your guitar tone.

    The Bright Switch by Rock Stock Pedals manual and insctructions


     For 1A charging provide

    For 2.1A charging provide
    600mA @ 9VDC 1200mA @ 9VDC
    500mA @ 12VDC 1000mA @ 12VDC
    300mA @ 18VDC 600mA @ 18VDC
    250mA @ 24VDC 450mA @ 24VDC


    These are general requirements for high current devices.
    Make sure to check your device to see what power is required.
    ** The included 9V 2A power adapter will charge up to the full 2.1A **