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    Utility Pedals
  • The Nano Tuner by Rock Stock, renowned as the smallest guitar tuner ever. Despite its compact size, it offers a bright, easy-to-read display, making it an indispensable tool for musicians seeking precise tuning even on a dimly lit stage or studio

    Nano Tuner

  • The Bright Switch™ USB Light & Charger

  • Dual Switch

  • Tap Tempo

  • Accesories
  • Flat Patch Cables

  • Solderless Pedalboard Patch Cable Kit

  • USB LED Lamp

  • "TRS Flat Patch Cable with gold-plated connectors and right-angle design, compatible with Dual Switch, HX Stomp, expression pedals

    TRS Stereo Flat Patch Cable

  • Flat Patch Guitar Effects Pedal Cables with Gold Plated Connectors (3 Pack)


    Fit more pedals on your pedalboard with the ultra thin Flat Patch cables. Our patch cables are about 50% thinner than standard 90 degree patch cable connectors. Having less space used by connectors gives you more space for pedals.

    The Rock Stock Flat Patch cables use the purest oxygen free copper conductor to preserve every nuance of your tone. Copper this pure reduces impedance and lets your natural tone flow from pedal to pedal. Cheaper cables use less pure copper that adds impedance and restricts higher frequencies from getting to your amp.

    We use gold connectors for their resistance to corrosion. They're extremely conductive and will last a very long time, even in humid coastal environments. With the Flat Patch cables you get exceptional insulation with braided copper shielding and a PVC jacket, providing protection from outside noise and interference. The braiding also gives you a much more durable cable.

    Choose from two configurations: S-style and C-style cables.

    Use S-style patch cables to connect pedals with side mounted jacks to pedals with top mounted jacks. Using the S-style patch cable eliminates the need to twist your patch cable, saving a lot of wear and tear.

    Use a C-style patch cable to connect pedals that use the same jack placement: side to side, or top to top.

    -Ultra thin connectors maximize your pedalboard space
    -Braided shielding blocks interference and adds durability
    -Gold-plated connectors last longer compared to nickel connectors
    -Oxygen free copper core keeps the integrity of your signal

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Paul Kobylensky

    The patch cables are so much better than what I was working with. They made wiring up the board way easier and less congested.

    Nathan B
    Great quiet cables

    Replaced some older cables with these and reduced a lot of noise. Very happy with the results. I have purchased 3 different lengths and both C and S. All work great.

    Tom Molepske

    Look good, fit nicely and sound great

    Pricey but nice

    I don't know why I buy all these large thick cables for my pedal board and then return them so I can buy something like this. This is the style you want. Very flexible

    william j. endres
    Patsy cable

    Thin and flexible